In space, no one can hide his heat signature

We have been quiet for a few days. While cooking up “In Dead Company” is great fun, we realized that we have painted a target way above our budget, so we put it on hold, and decided to make something that has a potential to be playable this year.

Delta-V will be a strategy/simulation crossover. It is year 2273. You take a steer of a small asteroid excavating company operating on rings of Saturn, and a pilot’s seat of its flagship.

We aim to create true-to-real-life space flight physics, 2.5D pre-rendered graphics with dynamic lighting (that we picked up in IDC project), and realistic – yet not boring – space battles.


  • True-to-life space flight simulation.
  • Maneuver using simplified autopilot, or take a direct control of thrusters and engines.
  • Lead a company to excavate dense rings of Saturn.
  • Buy or rent a wide array of space ships, both new and used. Deal with quirks of your vehicles.
  • Hire a crew, from mechanic to medic.
  • Defend your ship from hostile takeovers, pirates and rogue military.
  • Real-life science to back up all the action.

And remember:

In space, no-one can hide his heat signature.


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