​1.6.11 – Containment Protocol​​

  • Your crew will comment on finding dead bodies in space sooner.
  • When carrying an autonomous system in a cradle, other ships will now consider it an integral part of the ship. This prevents pirates from trying to shoot down unpowered claim beacons – even when you have a good standing with them. They will still attempt to disable them if you choose to deploy them near a site they frequent, as they don’t enjoy the extra attention from Enceladian authorities.
  • Comms window will show the most recent dialogue option even if there is no reply for you to pick.
  • The IFF control on your Pilot tab was always yellow on the “auto” setting, even if your onboard automatic IFF classified ships as hostile and friendly. It will now follow the automatic classification color scheme.
  • Ganymedean Anarchy station docking arms will no longer attempt to grab OCP-209 from below.
  • Voyager RSLS now has a standby mode and will not draw extra power when not printing anything.
  • Fixed audio issues on Voyager RSLS Fabrication Plant audible when printing nanodrones on Eagle Prospectors.
  • Manually paying outstanding salary through the Crew menu would cause the menu to close in 3 seconds unless you interacted with another button.
  • The Onboard Maintenance System screen will now remember the last station you accessed and show it again when you enter it.
  • Additional in-universe advertisement on the Enceladus Billboard.
  • When hailing an entity that has nothing to say, the hail button will now instantly change to “no response” without the need to call twice.
  • The racing team will not interrupt your conversation awkwardly when they suddenly realize that they hate you.
  • Not being hostile to the racing team and discussing the race with them will put them a bit at ease now.
  • Fixed the gravimetric augmented reality overlay, which was clipped on 32:9 aspect ratio displays on EIME and Bald Eagle Racing HUD.
  • Updated translations.
  • Updated credits.

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