1.5.4 – Bad Feeling

  • Separate “Accessibility” tab in the Settings menu.
  • Ability to turn the hearing-impaired music visual cues off. They are turned off by default now.
  • Additional colorblind helper for the Accessibility menu to help highlight which colours you should be able to differentiate.
  • When participating in a race, if the drone runs out of propellant, the race will be declared a draw – unless you were just about to catch it.
  • Fixed flickering of ship astrogation markers on your main display.
  • Claim Beacon cradle arms can now catch tampered claim beacons. For some of them, this is still not a very good idea.
  • B8 Claim Beacons will call you automatically even if there are interesting or hostile ships around them unless they are less than 500m away.
  • Improved B8 Claim Beacon docking protocol. The beacon will now move slowly towards you if you order it to.
  • If you don’t establish a claim after deploying a B8 Claim Beacon, it will automatically initiate a docking protocol with you.
  • If you had an astrogator on board who marked a ship with a tactical marker and your LIDAR detected but then lost the line of sight to that ship for more than 60 seconds, the identify friend-or-foe settings for that ship would reset to the default “auto” setting without changing the slider position on the Pilot tab. Now the settings will be preserved for as long as the ship is tracked. If you don’t have an astrogator and your LIDAR loses track of a ship for over 60 seconds, IFF settings will reset and change the appropriate slider accordingly.
  • Improved performance of IFF detection. This will lower CPU usage somewhat when many ships are surrounding you.
  • Updated translations.

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