1.11.10 – Quantum Simulation

Simulation Theory Catalyzes Quantum Computing

A groundbreaking leap in simulation theory has triggered a revolution in the realm of quantum computing. Researchers from Runasimi Inc have harnessed the latest insights from simulation theory to engineer quantum computer systems with unprecedented capabilities. These advanced systems exhibit enhanced computational power and stability, pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible. As the scientific community races to comprehend the implications, the marriage of simulation theory and quantum computing promises to reshape the landscape of computational technology.

Miners Guild Stands Against Trainee Exploitation

In a bold move, the Miners Guild has launched a fervent protest against the alleged exploitation of trainees within the space industry. The guild is demanding equal opportunities for all crew members hired for space stations, insisting that each individual should have the chance to perform and gain experience in various roles. The call for fairness resonates with those advocating for improved working conditions and ethical employment practices throughout the system. As the debate unfolds, the Miners Guild aims to reshape the landscape of crew training and station operations.

New Regulations Tighten Ship Inspections

A set of comprehensive regulations has been introduced by the Enceladus Corp, heralding a significant shift in ship inspection procedures across the station. Going beyond traditional safety measures, the new rules stipulate that all ships undergoing periodic and pre-flight inspections must now be photographed extensively. This measure aims to curb the rise of used ships being circulated with fraudulent flight records, ensuring transparency and accuracy in ship histories. Shipowners and industry experts are cautiously optimistic, believing that the new regulations will bolster trust and reliability within the space travel ecosystem.

Maintenance Logs

  • Engine update to Godot 3.5.2. This fixes some area overlap issues, which were a root cause for a number of very rare, but impactful problems, including but not limited to: ore getting embedded into ship hull preventing astrogation and sometimes causeing heavy damage, point defence system ignoring some targets, AI not detecting some obstacles and attempting to fly straight through them. The engine upgrade also comes with a phleora of other fixes and performance improvements.
  • New visuals for the Fleet and Dive ship display.
  • Hiring multiple geologists or astrogators will improve identification speed in their respective fields.
  • Hiring multiple mechanics will shorten the time required to perform maintenance. Not having any mechanics in your company will extend that time.
  • Re-balanced astrogator and geologist identification times to make bringing multiple crew of the same role more impactful. Astrogators will now take much more time to spot a ship on the very edge of their range.
  • “Not passing inspection” marker on used ships in the dealer and fleet menus will now be consistent with actual inspection results. They used to show only on badly damaged ships.
  • Unusually high traffic at the edge of the rings will now die out slowly over the course of the game time.
  • Improved drone zone visualization in the Tuning menu and its performance. You will now be able to see the entire area covered by your drones.
  • Improved resolution of the ship preview simulation in the Tuning menu.
  • Improved game performance when there is a lot of identified ore floating around your ship.
  • Lifepods will now have tactical markers.
  • Improved music mixing.
  • Fixed line-of-sight shader settings. The previous shader settings caused some graphical glitches inside caverns and around moonlets that have caverns. New settings don’t have these problems and use fewer resources, improving game performance.
  • When you accessed the ship logs for the second time, they would not scroll all the way to the end.
  • Ship logs sometimes did not get focus on the last line of the logs.
  • Fixed a vertical line visible on K44 if you examined the ship in your fleet.
  • Added support for physical scancodes for hardpoint toggles to fix issues on unusual keyboard layouts, which require two keypresses for a number.
  • The “pick your dive target” screen will now present a zoom level consistent with the zoom slider position when you first enter it.
  • You can’t sell ships that are undergoing maintenance.
  • Ships that undergo maintenance are now marked as such in your Fleet menu.
  • Ships appeared upside-down in some areas of the Fleet and Dealer menus.
  • Mars Power Industries were caught red-handed, lying in the specification of muzzle velocity of their railgun. An errata has been issued.
  • The dive summary screen will not pop up if the only things you brought in your cargo bay were something you already owned, like your own mining companion. This also prevents a glitch that allows you to use the station menus when you had a completely empty summary screen displayed in the foreground.
  • The price assessment markers on the Dive Summary screen will now word-wrap the ship name to fit into the assessment square.
  • The intro animation will now play correctly on displays with different than 16:9 aspect ratios, adding black bars on the sides if required.
  • The emergency autopilot and automatic return when exiting the rings will not be disabled now if your astrogation velocity match is active.
  • Having a lot of raw ore in your cargo hold will not distract your geologists anymore. Geologists will not be distracted by ore they have already identified either.
  • Playing with a very low framerate will not cause your geologist to identify ores slower anymore.
  • If you had your Pilot tab selected and entered the OMS menu, the transponder and ship name labels would display much more slowly than they should.
  • Ship simulation preview in the Tuning menu will not be cropped on vertical displays.
  • Fixed Enceladus background aspect ratio on vertical displays.
  • You won’t be able to trigger the Enceladus menu buttons when your dive summary screen is active. Spamming the action key while the menu is appearing will not cause that either.
  • Fixed baked-in radiator glow on AT-K225 not reaching the entire ship’s hull.
  • Mass drivers will not break the conservation of energy anymore. This change only affects tuned mass drivers.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause you not to find a POI if you dived directly to it from Enceladus. This only affected a subset of astrogation targets.
  • Fixed nanodrone propulsion laser audio.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to slow down and flood the game logs with messages when you undocked and re-docked to a space station that had nothing more to say to you.
  • Focus was lost when you sent the very last message in a conversation using either a gamepad or a keyboard. Focus will now be re-acquired by the station selected in your OMS menu.
  • Updated translations

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