1.50.4 – Autonomous Cargo

  • You can now refuel your THI Cargo Containers. This includes the ability to tune the propellant buffer.
  • You can give more detailed commands to your THICCs. This allows for new playstyles, including releasing the containers to follow you in a formation while you mine and only re-docking them for processed ore transfer.
  • The presence of some drones prevented the correct fracture of asteroids near them, resulting in worse yields with some playstyles. This affected mostly excavating asteroids with grinders and built-in excavators while having NT Mining Companions or THI Cargo Containers attached near such an excavator, but also lowered they yields from mining companions using their own grinders.
  • Adjusted spawning routines for ore in close proximity to other entities, such as ships, cargo holds, grinders and more. This should greatly improve the odds of having good yields when mining with an excavator or grinder directly.
  • Some drones did not power up their autopilots when released. Machines have a hard time flying when they are powered off. They will be turned on again.
  • The ship HUD boot sequence was missing from the Enceladus launch sequence cutscene.
  • Updated translations.

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