1.51.3 – Rare-Space Elements

  • New ore graphics. Ores are now more visually distinct and look closer to their real-life counterparts.
  • Ships you encounter in the rings, both flying and derelict, will now have more variety in the equipment installed.
  • Improved LIDAR performance, AI collision avoidance performance and pilot adrenaline performance.
  • Decreased memory fragmentation of Doppler LIDAR. While no memory was leaking, during longer dives your memory could get fragmented over time and exceed your CPU cache sizes, which could slowly degrade performance in multi-hour dives.
  • On some occasions, the Enceladus background could zoom out far further than it should.
  • Ore carried with a mining companion docked to your ship will not trigger NDCI collision warning anymore, or make your pilot freak out with adrenaline surge.
  • You can now scroll the Pilot’s tab in OMS with gamepad analogue stick, if it doesn’t have focus.
  • You can access and scroll the Pilot’s tab with the gamepad even if the first contact you have has a “Hail Error” connection status.
  • The pilot’s tab will scroll automatically when you move through the contacts with your gamepad.
  • Fixed some events trying to despwn over and over again when flagged as “essential, not despawning”, which could hinder the game performance if you flew away from such an event.
  • Updated translations.

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