1.49.7 – Timelike Curves

  • OLED saving was applied to non-static HUD elements, such as autopilot targeting receptacles and ore identification markers. OLED-saving protocol introduces a slight shift of all the static elements of your HUD to prevent OLED (and CRT) displays from being damaged with burn-in from having a prolonged display of a static image. This makes sense for static elements of your HUD. This will cause all the autopilot target markers and ore identification markers to be exactly centered on the target.
  • The Autopilot HUD overlay displaying relative velocity and distance was not placed correctly if you targeted the surface of a big entity, such as a moonlet. While the triangle marker was correctly placed on the surface of the object, the velocity overlay was placed over its centre of mass.
  • The custom paint job, if present, will now be applied to OCP-209’s habitat.
  • LIS-Kitsune HUD will now respect brightness tuning for the microseismic scanner floating window.
  • The Virtual Flight service in the Tuning menu required you to use the shortcut key to activate it. You will now be able to activate it using your mouse.
  • You could take a very specific path through the spacetime that caused some of the points of interest to appear more than once.
  • Fixed a bug that caused faction disposition for unique entities, such as certain space stations or station-like structures, not saving individual disposition towards you correctly. This could cause some entities to become hostile on your first interaction. This change is retroactive and will reset all the mistakenly set dispositions automatically.
  • Updated translations.

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