1.4.8 – Gamma Burst

  • Nuclear explosions and laser flares will now be visible on the visual feed from the Enceladian polar telescope array.
  • If you are in a quest-related dialogue, the game will prevent you from astrogating away to Enceladus and breaking that quest. The astrogation countdown will resume automatically once the dialogue clears.
  • Setting your IFF system to “hostile” or “friendly” will now completely override any judgment your onboard IFF computer makes. Previously it was possible that, if a ship attacked you, the automatic IFF could override its classification from manually set “friendly” all the way to neutral.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some of the temporary astrogation destinations to disappear if you lingered for a long time near them without actually visiting them.
  • Fixed engine, explosion, and laser flares on the edge of the visual feed.
  • The resupply data on the “launch dive” screen now has a fixed size, preventing the slider from jittering if you adjust the resupply amount with your mouse.
  • Adjusted user manual for the Seal for Projectile Ammunition to say that nothing is installed with this option.
  • A damaged onboard computer will now apply distortion effects to ore, ship, and autopilot markers.
  • Disabling the “use autopilot” option during an astrogation jump sequence will now not change any autopilot settings at all, giving you an opportunity to perform the jump manually.
  • Ringracers will not agree to race in the very rim of the rings, where there is a risk of losing the racing drone.
  • Improved performance when you have a lot of raw ore on your ship.
  • You can’t dismiss your crewmember on sick leave only to hire them healthy again.
  • Updated translations. Italian language is now fully supported.

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