1.34.1 – Depleted Beryllium

  • The asteroid depletion map is now expanded to hold 800% more data. While the previous setup for asteroid depletion worked as intended, the map could overflow in as few as 1.5 hours in-game in some playstyles. This meant that some players could never feel the effect of their favorite mining spots being depleted. The new setting will ensure about 12 hours in-game before the asteroids drift back to a depleted area.
  • As a direct consequence, save games can now take up to 8MB. Saves should still be completed in under a second, even on low-end machines.
  • Automatic compaction of the save games. For some playstyles, saves contained depletion maps that were mostly zeroes, which were meaningless but inflated the save size artificially. You will now see these zeroes stripped automatically. This also further increases the retention period for the depletion map.
  • New mining companion-related event you can encounter in the rings.
  • Fixed glitches in some rocket plume shapes.
  • Improved performance of rocket plumes. These will be most noticeable on integrated GPUs, with the game running with higher “lights” settings.
  • Fixed the wrong name for recovered mass driver rounds displayed on the dive summary screen.
  • Added partial community-driven support for the Thai language.
  • Updated translations.

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