1.34.9 – Fusion Spike

  • Changed the way collision impact velocity is computed to address some edge cases, like attached equipment causing kinetic damage when wedged against your ship.
  • Lowered difficulty of the hunting party you get on your tail for big transgressions against the major factions.
  • Time spent flying the break-bulk cargo version of the AT-K225 ship will count towards the piloting achievements. This change is retroactive and will account for all the time you spent flying this ship in the past automatically.
  • Christmas decorations at the Enceladus Prime station are not shining so brightly anymore.
  • You could un-pause the game with a Settings menu still open if you opened and closed your Steam Overlay.
  • The Cothon-211 “Chonker” excavator now has stronger motors to compensate for its larger size.
  • Restored missing purple fusion spike for EI-ZAP torch.
  • Sometimes, distant ship thruster flares would not be viable on your astrogation map if you picked the Enceladus station as your destination, but they showed normally for all other astrogation targets.
  • The color of distant flares was not consistent between the telescope view and the drone view.
  • Fixed trade-in value recorded to the ship logs, which will now correctly show how much the ship you were selling was worth.
  • If you bought a ship without any nanodrones, installed a nanodrone-based system but no storage, and saved your game, upon loading it back, the installed nanodrone storage option would show as an empty space, instead of spelling out “empty”.
  • Updated translations.

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