1.31.2 – Warp Resonance

  • Adds a warning in the Settings menu if you configure the game in a way that might cause your performance to be really bad.
  • Microwave emitters will now be less prone to misaligning, and when the dish is damaged, it will not bend so much. This prevents visual quirks, which sometimes led to the dish appearing as if it was completely detached from a ship.
  • Fixed internals of the “asteroid shower” event, which misclassified some of the ore chunks, leading to possible unusual spawn behavior later in the same spot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ships sometimes to try to scan the space between worlds during stage transitions or some equipment purchases. The eldritch abominations inhibiting that non-space did not like that and caused the game to crash when the ship glimpsed between realities.
  • In some cases, messages about aborting communication would be repeated multiple times in the game logs.
  • Updated translations.

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