1.30.5 – Artificial Impatience

  • Changed the way NPC impatience works in dialogues. NPC can now become more impatient when talking to you during the conversation if you attempt to astrogate away. This makes quest dialogues flow more naturally if you decide to astrogate during them.
  • NPC ships will not try to shoot through objects that they know are indestructible anymore.
  • AI now has a better concept of line of sight. It will attempt to position itself for a good shot when fighting and dodge behind objects when running away.
  • Sometimes, you could end up having a channel open to a ship, but it was done talking to you. This prevented further contact with other ships and returning to Enceladus until that ship left the simulation area.
  • NPC ships will now close the comms channel to you immediately when they have nothing more to say to you.
  • Racing path prediction was missing one vertex.
  • When ships tell you they leave for repairs, they will leave instead of reverting to the default NPC state.
  • Profiler is now available in the Virtual Flight Service.
  • Kitsune’s spinal low-stress hardpoint is now described as such. Equipment that can be mounted on a spinal hardpoint is also marked appropriately.
  • The autopilot overlay refresh rate is now limited and on par with the refresh rates of the rest of the onboard computers. This improves immersion and performance, but the computer output looks different, and I’m looking for feedback on it.
  • Powered off autopilot won’t issue collision alarms anymore.
  • Ship mass calculation will now show correct mass and delta-v values for ships with variable geometry, accounting for moving parts and extra equipment, like radiators.
  • Kitsune cargo bay light will not shine when the ship is not powered up.
  • Kitsune will not flash with a blue light when spawning.
  • You could take a specific astrogation path between multiple moonlets that could cause you to arrive in a twin moonlet formation that should not be there.
  • When performing an EVA recovery from Kitsune, your crew will exit through the proper airlock, accounting for the articulated cargo bay state.
  • Cothon-211 “Chonker” had a slightly off-balance excavator, which caused strange physics interactions when the time resolution was raised due to adrenal boost or using the OMS menu while the excavator was open. It will behave more consistently now and will also open up a bit more.
  • Updated translations.

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