1.28.15 – Away Team

  • The crew level-up notification during the return trip to the station will trigger earlier in the cutscene, so it won’t be cut short by changing the stage to Enceladus station.
  • When changing from a ship with a consumable (nanodrones, kinetic ammunition) installed back to one without it, the number of consumables displayed on the launch dive screen would not update to zero, showing phantom cargo.
  • Habitats that change locations will now tell you this only once, even if you un-dock and re-dock again during the same encounter. Previously, re-docking could invalidate the coordinates of another habitat if it happened to be less than 50 km away from you.
  • Particle effects that are currently not visible will not play now, improving performance. This also prevents some particle effects from playing partway through and out-of-sequence if you move your camera rapidly.
  • Fixed stone jet particle effects that will again be ejected from asteroids hit with high-powered kinetic impacts.
  • Audio effects for adrenaline surge and the UI beeps will now respect the “SFX volume” slider setting.
  • Setting shadow levels to low, but not zero, setting previously could flood the game logs with warnings. Now, a proper minimum value will be enforced for all the lights.
  • The HAL9000 HUD OMS display could overflow the physical monitor it was on when you installed thrusters with long names on certain ships. Now, it will cut off too-long thruster labels instead.
  • Kistune will not advertise that it uses a K37 reactor anymore.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that caused a powered-down Kitsune to be displayed with a green square all over it on OSX M1 systems. This mostly affected the Fleet and Dealer views.
  • Updated translations.

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