1.28.11 – Spacegate Scandal

Kitsune now available on the second-hand market

Nakamura Dynamics unveils the ND-LIS Kitsune, a refurbished Light Interstellar Shuttle from decommissioned capital ships, now available to independent buyers. Packed with advanced features, including a variable-geometry cargo bay and a nuclear thermal rocket that seamlessly switches to ramjet mode in the atmosphere, Kitsune guarantees top-tier performance and reliability within a compact frame. While its form factor would theoretically enable docking with many civilian crafts, it’s important to note that it is not yet approved for such use, underscoring Nakamura Dynamics’ commitment to safety and quality standards.

Spacegate Scandal revealed

Following the “Spacegate” scandal that revealed that many spaceship manufacturers advertised false cargo bay sizes, new regulations for spaceship specification require manufacturers to advertise only usable space of a cargo bay in spaceworthy configurations. Some companies, who at this time opted to remain anonymous, announced that they will seek justice in the Martian courts, as the new regulations disproportionally affect their products. New product specifications should be available at the ship dealerships across the system this week, matching closely to sizes reported by specialized cargo bay scanners.

Digital Mimas concert scheduled next week

The Digital Mimas Orchestra, known for its groundbreaking fusion of classical music and cutting-edge technology, announces a much-anticipated concert at the virtual reality space of Enceladus Prime station. This extraordinary event promises to redefine classical music by introducing never-before-heard compositions that will transport attendees to celestial realms. Combining captivating audio and visual experiences, the orchestra’s performance aims to blur the lines between reality and music.

Maintenance Logs

  • A new ship – Nakamura Dynamics Light Interlunar Shuttle “Kitsune” is now available in the spaceship dealership near you.
  • New equipment: ND-LIS Heads-Up Display is now available for purchase and retrofit.
  • Free space estimation in microseismic scanners of some ships was inaccurate, especially for ships with variable geometry.
  • Additional soundtrack.
  • Adds support for Kitsune-specific achievements.
  • Sensor fading is now visible on big LIDAR displays in the OMS menu, making it easier to spot outdated data and the current sweep angle.
  • Sensor displays, like lidars and radars, will now refresh at a rate consistent with all the other indicators on your HUD. This improves performance, especially visible on low-end systems.
  • Improved performance of the proximity alert detection for the autopilot comfort mode.
  • Fixes font rendering for Chinese Simplified language.
  • The “docking clamps locked on the ship” sound will not play anymore when you change the loadout of your ship or switch to another ship in your fleet.
  • Fixed “Dead or Alive” achievement, which was not granted when it should be.
  • Changed physical transition between static and fully simulated models. This prevents some physics glitches at the Enceladus station, like ships drifting away from the dock, and improves performance.
  • Updated ship specifications with more accurate cargo bay space data.
  • Doppler color shift was overcompensated when your pilot was under the effects of adrenaline, causing them to see colors where there should be none.
  • Updated translations.

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