1.2.1 – Hostile Takeover

  • Changed the astrogation abort protocol. Previously, your astrogation jump would abort automatically if you deviated from the course too much. Now, you must press the “disengage autopilot” key or enter the OMS menu again to abort astrogation. This change makes it much easier to perform a manual astrogation jump and is more forgiving if you need to evade rocks that are in your way.
  • Increased StarCAT acceleration resistance. It will now be a bit harder to damage your stellarator superconducting coils while consuming medium-sized rocks, and they will be able to withstand more serious damage before needing repairs.
  • The autonomic EIAA-1337 autopilot will now work correctly on heavy ships. Its collision avoidance energy estimations used to overestimate impact energy if your ship was really heavy.
  • You will not be able to flex that you have a famous singer on your crew if the station you are talking with already knows that.
  • Entities dealt massive damage with plasmathrowers and particle accelerators will now get angry at you much quicker.
  • Ships that see you attacking their allies will get angry at you much quicker. Previously, they could get apathetic enough not to do anything, even if they have seen their ally destroyed, and acted only on a second incident.
  • Pirates didn’t care much if you fired on their allies.
  • Firing on some pirates could cause the miner guild to like you, even if there was no witness of the deed.
  • Firing at the Vilcy bounty hunter ships could cause the miner guild to fear you even if there were no witnesses of the deed.
  • When selecting a target in the Astrogation menu, you’ll now see the bearing for it listed.
  • Asteroids and events will not spawn close to your own ship when you are departing through an astrogation sequence.
  • Fixed a loop in an Obonto Habitat dialogue, so you can’t ask over and over for the same things anymore.
  • Updated translations.

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