1.3.5 – Carbon Dainty

  • Mining Companions will no longer devour human bodies on their way to Enceladus.
  • When arriving at a temporary astrogation target (the one that disappears from the list once you get there), any adjustment to astrogation velocity would display the destination, bearing, and travel time to the next astrogation target on that list. If the place you astrogated to were the last on the list, this would cause the game to crash.
  • Arriving near a destroyed space habitat could trigger a race condition that could sometimes cause the game to crash.
  • Enceladus station will be selected by default when entering the Astrogator tab on your OMS screen to aid inexperienced pilots.
  • Data from previously selected astrogation targets will not linger on the Astrogator tab on your OMS screen when you enter the menu after performing a jump.
  • Fixed a bug that caused your crew to talk to you less than they were supposed to.
  • Fixed the shading on the Rings beyond the Encke gap, which were lit from a different direction previously.
  • When your crew talks to you, their job will display next to their name, making it easier to make employment decisions.
  • The noise of a fusion reactor and its start-up sound will now adjust accordingly to time dilation effects.
  • Ship captains will not get starstruck when talking to you anymore. Sometimes the feelings of NPC ships towards you could exceed the expected range, locking them out of dialogue if they feared, liked, or hated you enough.
  • Flares on the visual feed on the very edge of the ring looked off, fading away at a different speed just beyond the edge of the Rings.
  • Captains of allied ships will not fall in love with you when you are performing war crimes. There is a limit now on how much they can adore you when you unload a metric shitton of ammunition on a ship that was once threatening them.
  • Updated translations.

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