1.0.50 – Nuclear Breeder

  • If you qualified for two stat-based achievements at once, like the “Squadron 303” and “And His Name Will Be Forty and Four” – you would only get the first one initially and the second one only if the relevant counter increased after you got it. This made some of the achievements difficult to obtain. This release not only fixes the initial unlock sequence but also features a compatibility tool to unlock achievements you previously qualified for.
  • Torbernite crystals will despawn correctly now. Previously, they would linger in the simulation space even if you left their area without either grabbing them nor destroying them, causing degraded performance and possibly duplicating them if you came back to the same site again.
  • Raised the minimum distance you need to be from a target to initiate astrogation from 3km to 15km. Astrogating from a closer distance didn’t actually make in-universe sense and it caused all kinds of problems if the thing you were astrogating towards was already simulated in the physics engine (spawned), including but not limited to: astrogating into an object, ships you astrogated to exploding, a possibility that you actually passed through the point you wanted to astrogate to in an extended astrogation run-up, and other physics related glitches. The raised limit prevents all that.
  • Updated translations.

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