1.18.1 – Virtual Curiosity

Virtual Flight Service unveiled

Minding LF just unveiled a revolutionary ship virtualization technology capable of accurately simulating a spacecraft in a controlled environment. A free version of the Virtual Flight Service is now available for every registered ship in the Enceladus Prime station, across Tuning Bays, Hardware Shops, and even the Enceladian Ship Dealership, allowing its customers to take ships on virtual test drives – free of charge.

New spotlight regulations

Stringent regulations have been implemented to restrict the maximum brightness of ship spotlight reflectors. This crucial action follows alarming revelations about the grave risks associated with high-intensity spotlights, which have not only been blinding the astronavigational telescope array but potentially endangering other ships. Previously, some ships, notably the popular K37 models, were often equipped with spotlights of blinding luminosity. These intense beams had the capability to effortlessly penetrate several meters of ice, occasionally revealing hidden structures within moonlets concealed beneath meters of ice.

Digital sabotage uncovered

During routine diagnostics of onboard systems, Enceladus shipyard employees discovered that Mining Companions were abusing the ship’s sanbus communication system to disrupt the operation of essential tracking systems. This irresponsible behavior could have led to devices such as rescue manipulators or point defense systems ignoring objects of interest to the Companions, thereby exposing critical operations to danger. Titan Heavy Industries issued an immediate recall to address the issue.

Maintenance Logs

  • Minding Virtual Flight Service now allows you to instantly test any change you make to your ship configuration in a safe, virtual environment without leaving the Enceladus Prime station. The service is available in the Dealer, Hardware, and Tuning menus.
  • Godot Engine upgraded to 3.5.3.
  • Ship reflectors will not reveal structures inside moonlets anymore.
  • AT-K225 HUD displays are not so bright anymore. Multiple pilots complained about high-intensity displays blinding them during prolonged missions.
  • Mining Companions will not prevent other hardware from acting upon objects they examine – unless they are actually attempting to intercept them.
  • Raising the HUD size caused certain UI elements, like the Dive Summary screen and the simulation subwindows, to lose resolution.
  • The MPU power indicator on your HUD is now brighter, making it easier to spot when it is processing ore.

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