1.20.5 – Extended Warranty

  • New in-game extension manager allows you to pick which installed extensions and DLC you want to use. It will present itself automatically when it detects a new extension being installed and allows you to pick if you want to use it for your game. You can access the manager at any time from the title menu.
  • Improved stability on M1/OSX systems. The modern OSX system depreciated OpenGL support, which the game uses, which means that driver bugs that are currently present in the system are never going to be addressed and fixed by Apple. Godot Engine 3.x, on the other hand, uses exclusively OpenGL for rendering. This leaves us in a state where known bugs in the system driver were causing the game to crash. This release includes a number of workarounds in the game code meant to address that and call the function methods in a different way in the hope of working around all the existing driver bugs in the system driver. The stability is greatly improved, but the workarounds impose a much longer time required to change the display mode (fullscreen/borderless window/windowed).
  • You can now turn off your main torch in the Minding Virtual Flight Service.
  • You will not get achievements for tasks performed during simulated flight anymore.
  • Your crew will not gain experience for flying the MVFS simulation.
  • Added dark bars on the top and bottom of the initial dive cutscene to make the texts displayed there, including the transit tips, easier to read.
  • Updated translations.

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