1.12.4 – Artificial Company

  • After reviewing hundreds of hours of combined flight records, engineers from Titan Heavy Industries isolated multiple instances of ship captains performing maneuvers that put THI Cargo Containers and other unmanned craft sharing its chassis stress levels exceeding operational parameters, causing heavy damage to the reactor core itself and presenting a risk of premature catastrophic failure. A recall has been issued for all leased craft, and a more robust reactor design has been implemented. Reactors of the THI Cargo Containers and Mining Companions are now more resistant to g-forces and are less likely to get their rods jammed when you perform manouvers with a drone attached to your ship.
  • Enceladus Flight Control will now notify owners of all unmanned crafts if they spot a critical reactor failure on the long-range polar telescope array, or then such ship clears the ring area and enters the interlunar return trajectory. You will get notifications when your Cargo Container or Mining Companion explodes or is on its way to successfully return to the station.
  • After numerous complaints of ore not being delivered, the Mining Guild of Enceladus now offers mediation services for all Wingman contracts, ensuring that all ore mined under the contract is transferred to the employer. Hired wingmen will now always transfer the ore they dug up to you.
  • Nakamura Dynamics released a new patch for the NT Mining Companion piloting protocols. The companions will now perform astrogation jumps with the host ship, provided they have sufficient reaction mass.
  • New “fixed” camera mode.
  • Improved resolution of the geologist vein coverage map.
  • Improved performance on systems with older or integrated GPU cards.
  • Tuning autopilot rotational velocity limit will not affect your ship’s fly-by-wire rotational speed.
  • NPC will now have to be aware of you in order to change their opinions about you based on your actions. Undetected sins will go unpunished.
  • Derelicts refused to boot up or even start the derelict salvage event if they saw you blow up another derelict. The ghost of the machine was angry. It was pacified.
  • Fixed mineral marker animation. It was flickering if your geologist was not very experienced.
  • You can’t talk with Big Bad Wolf about acquiring Ganymedean flight logs repeatedly.
    Removed the white flash when you start the dive.
  • Polished up military ship class descriptions for kinetic ammunition magazines to align with the military classification of ships.
  • Updated translations.

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