A Momentous Milestone

Today marks a monumental moment for our cosmic adventure as we proudly release version 1.0 of ΔV: Rings of Saturn. It has been an extraordinary journey, with the game flourishing during its Early Access phase and growing beyond our wildest expectations. The amount of content contained has expanded by over 300% of what I initially planned, a testament to the dedication of our team and the invaluable feedback from our passionate players.

During the Early Access phase alone, we squashed 1728 bugs, polished 1131 aspects of the game, and introduced 942 new features. With 3227 experimental releases and 353 stable releases, we’ve strived to ensure constant progress and improvements. On average, we’ve launched a new stable version every four days.

From Early Access to an Expansive Universe

During the Early Access phase, our community’s involvement has been instrumental in shaping the game’s trajectory. Listening to your voices, we embraced new ideas that were not part of the original plan. The result? A full-fledged RPG-like experience where a captivating dialogue system unravels personal quests for your crew. Our fleet expanded from three ships to seven distinct hulls, each with its own unique characteristics, dedicated dashboards, HUDs, and lore. The addition of the dialogue system breathed life into your crew, turning them from mere stat upgrades into living individuals with their aspirations and roles in the game’s overarching story.

A Grateful Journey with an Expanding Community

The journey from Early Access to the full release of ΔV: Rings of Saturn has been an evolution defined by player involvement and community spirit. At its core, ΔV: Rings of Saturn was initially a solo project – a labor of love driven by passion and dedication. However, as the game garnered traction and player engagement during the Early Access phase, it became apparent that the journey of ΔV was destined to be a collaborative endeavor.

From every corner of the globe, talented individuals joined our ranks, forming a close-knit team that was united by a shared passion for the game. Today, our stellar crew includes a gifted music composer, a masterful writer crafting captivating narratives, a marketing virtuoso who skillfully fosters influencer relations, and a graphical artist who brings the universe to life with stunning visual artistry. This blossoming team has been at the heart of shaping ΔV: Rings of Saturn into the game it has become.

But our gratitude extends beyond the core team; it also encompasses our ever-supportive community, whose contributions have been invaluable throughout this transformative journey. Whether crafting translations that bridge the language gap, participating in rigorous beta testing to ensure a polished experience, or simply sharing their passion for ΔV with the world, our players have been integral to the game’s growth and success.

Continuum of Exploration

As we celebrate the launch of 1.0, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you. Your unwavering support, whether through game purchases or sharing the wonders of ΔV: Rings of Saturn with others, has been the driving force behind our success. Your belief in our vision and dedication to this interlunar odyssey has enriched our lives as developers.

While version 1.0 signifies the completion of one significant story arc, it marks only the beginning of our ongoing journey with ΔV: Rings of Saturn. I want to emphasize that 1.0 is a complete and polished product, delivering a rich and immersive experience. However, we are fully committed to expanding the universe and enhancing your ring-diving adventure in the future. Your influence will continue to shape the development direction through your votes on our Discord.

One crucial piece of information that we want to emphasize to our esteemed players is that your saved games will remain entirely valid as we transition to the full release of ΔV: Rings of Saturn. Throughout the development journey, we have maintained a seamless integration of new content without ever requiring you to restart your progress. This commitment to backward compatibility has been at the core of our philosophy, and we assure you that we will continue to uphold this principle moving forward.

Together, we shall traverse the vast expanse of ΔV: Rings of Saturn, exploring uncharted territories, forging unforgettable narratives, and weaving a cosmic tapestry that extends beyond our wildest imaginations.

Thank you for being part of this remarkable journey, and may the rings guide us to new horizons and endless adventures.

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