0.607.3 – Rolling Rocks

  • Enhanced astrogation: I reworked both the visual effects/camera movement of astrogation and the ice generation during cutscenes. The result is a visible departure/arrival during the astrogation cutscene, and you no longer arrive in a mostly empty area around your destination. Your astrogator should still pick an approach vector that is clear of obstacles.
  • When departing through an astrogation jump, under specific circumstances, the game could move all the rocks around the area you were departing from a few kilometres in the opposite direction. This could result in relatively empty patches of space next to dense areas. The effect was most noticeable in extremely dense regions and propeller formations.
  • Improved accuracy of depletion tracking for moving asteroids.
  • Fixed astrogation selection with gamepad or keyboard alone.
  • Easier selection of dive targets on gamepads.
  • EIME HUD temperature warning levels are now adjusted to represent dangerous fusion reactor temperatures on Elon Interstellar Model E.
  • Cosmetic enhancements to dive target selection screen.
  • Updated translations

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