0.608.1 – Ignition Sequence

  • The Z-Axial Pinch fusion torch now has an ignition cooldown. It can only draw enough power to attempt an ignition sequence five times per second. While this makes a worn-out drive behave more erratic, it also severely lowers the power requirements.
  • When starting a dive on the first few kilometres into the rings, you could end up with a trajectory outside the ring area, triggering immediate return. This didn’t affect neither Hohmann transfers nor deeper dives.
  • Picking a target on the Dive Selection screen from your known locations will now always result in the best trajectory you could take towards it. This also prevents the interlunar propellant usage from jumping up or down significantly in subsequent selections of the same target, as rings rotate in relation to Enceladus.
  • The inclination of your initial trajectory is now visible on the dive target selection screen.
  • Updated translations.

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