0.606.8 – Black Holes

  • The astrogation transfers within rings between specific locations used to cause a big hole to be burned on the departure spot. It was dependent on both the starting location and your destination.
  • Fixed disproportional resource depletion when mining in dense, rich areas. Destroying asteroids created by shattering bigger rocks counted towards depletion of the field, while it should not have. While the effect was mostly negligible in sparse areas, in deep veins and propellers, it could cause more rocks to disappear on subsequent visits than they should.
  • The game will now remember all the extra rocks you create when excavating a dense ice field. If you create a cloud of small debris, you will find it when you return to the same spot. This excludes ore chunks, which move fast enough to be lost.
  • Re-set the asteroid depletion map to remove holes created by the in-ring transfer bug.
  • Reworked the launch dive screen. It now fits better in small resolutions.
  • You can now pick a known astrogation location as your dive entry target on the station.
  • Videos on the Enceladus billboards load just before they are played and are freed as soon as they are over, working around codec-related issues some players were experiencing.
  • Additional in-universe ad.
  • Updated translations.

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