0.603.6 – Tactical Retreat

  • Tapping “disengage autopilot lock” (G by default) when no target is selected will disable your autopilot.
  • Tapping “engage the target in front” (F by default) will engage the autopilot immediately, even if there is no target in front of your ship.
  • EIAA-1337 and NPC now understand that if an ore chunk is touching their excavator and moving with a very similar velocity to your ship, the thing to do is open the excavator and speed up. This prevents NPC and EIAA-1337-equipped ships from pushing the ore around with closed excavators.
  • Computer kinetic damage (faulty sensors) resistance depended on the time scale. While not apparent during normal gameplay, kinetic impacts during extreme slowdowns, such as with the OMS screen open, could cause up to 10x more damage than they should. In some edge cases, this could cause your computer rapidly receive damage as soon as you open up the OMS menu.
  • Reworked the way your Astrogator interacts with your LIDAR display. Instead of highlighting nearby contacts in their Tactical Awareness range, your Astrogator will now expose the Tactical Markers they put on ships on your LIDAR. Tactical Markers need to be entered into your on-board computer by your Astrogator and will appear only within their Tactical Awareness range – they, however, do rely on tightbeam radar rather than LIDAR, so they are not obfuscated by loss of line of sight, are not affected by the LIDAR refresh rate and will present a location of a ship for much longer. The markers will remain on the edge of the screen for ships exiting the displayed range of LIDAR.
  • Fixed a rare race condition that could cause the game to crash when you returned to the Enceladus station.
  • Ores and asteroids will not disappear from the screen while you still can see them during the return burn to Enceladus.

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