0.604.0 – Hot Rods

  • Improved performance of the tactical LIDAR markers.
  • Improved performance of the Tuning menu.
  • Fixed a race condition in the Tuning menu which could crash your game if you moved between the tuning menu and other menus quickly enough.
  • When tuning autopilot marker opacity, you will now actually see the preview of what you are tuning on the simulation subwindow.
  • Keeping a piece of an event, such as flying with a derelict attached to your ship, salvaged cargo container and similar, would prevent other location-based events of the same class from appearing in the game. This led to some unexpected side effects. Moving away from the original event location will prevent that now.
  • Parts of the HUD-related tuning options, such as the microseismic scanner focus, were missing from the Tuning menu.
  • Fixed lag spikes on the dive summary screen that occurred when you brought in a lot of ore and sold them.
  • Tuning options for HUD equipment will now appear in the tuning menu immediately after you purchase such a device.
  • Some new ships – K37, Prospectors and EIMEs – came without HUD pre-installed. It got installed automatically for free when you first launched into the rings or opened the tuning menu, but prior to that, the equipment screen would show either void or the HUD system installed on your previous ship.
  • Updated translations. We switched to dedicated translation software, which allowed us to catch many tiny (and big) translation errors. There are hundreds of translation fixes across all languages (including English), and more are to come.

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