0.602.5 – Space Construction

OCP-209 available on the second-hand market

Obonto Microengineering has announced that it is decommissioning a number of its Obonto Construction Platform 209 crafts, and they are now available on the second-hand market. OCP-209 were designed for habitat construction and featured a massive side-loading cargo bay, twin heavy mountings, and a comfortable habitat with the ability to provide rotational G – suitable for extended construction or resupply missions.

Obonto Microengineering is offering these decommissioned ships at an attractive price, so don’t miss out on this chance to get your hands on some of the best construction crafts in the solar system.

Physical displays make a comeback

While virtual displays may dominate space exploration, one company is bringing back physical screens with the release of its OCP-209 HUD. Obonto Microengineering offers a physical display that is both reliable and robust. The physical hardware offers more protection than a virtual display can offer, while the transparent panes offer more visibility.

SAN-BUS recall

Many computer systems sold for commercial mining craft have been recalled due to an error that caused erratic release of system locks for some equipment. The upgraded SAN-BUS components will improve consistency and predictability with equipment such as point defenses, drones, and manipulators. Captains can upgrade or replace their systems by contacting your local dealership.

Maintenance Logs

  • New ship: Obonto Construction Platform 209.
  • New HUD: OCP-209.
  • Cargo Containers and similar equipment will not boot up and use their thrusters when your ship travels back to Enceladus Prime station.
  • HUDs using physical displays are now more resilient to electromagnetic damage.
  • Returning to the Enceladus Prime station will no longer cause your ship to burn a massive hole in the rings at the location you left.
  • Relative skill stats on the Crew Hire menu will immediately update when you hire someone.
  • Improved performance when swapping equipment on your ship on the Enceladus Prime station.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash when tuning nanodrone systems to specific values.
  • The remote microseismic scanner display will now be only shown on the equipment simulations related to it.
  • Certain systems, like the Point Defence Turrets or Nanodrone systems, would keep their lock on an object indefinitely if you turned them off when they acquired a target, causing other systems (including the AR1500 Salvage Manipulator) to ignore that target.
  • When playing on the peaceful difficulty, it was still possible to encounter a pirate trap by following a quest.
  • Increased the speed threshold on which the Daredevil mood triggers with its accompanying soundtrack.
  • On some ship configurations, the geologist panel controls would not show up.
  • Fixed typos in ship names. The fix will affect only newly encountered ships.
  • Mineral Market will not close itself automatically on the Steam Deck anymore.
  • Fixed a race condition that could crash the game when a ship equipped with a physical display de-spawned, such as when changing from the Enceladus station to the Rings and back, or purchasing new equipment.
  • Updated translations.

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