0.578.0 – Acquainted Fire

  • You can now toggle your main torch with a hotkey.
  • NPC ships now understand how Haul Nanodrone system works and will use them to their full potential.
  • Friendly AI ships, such as wingmen and mining companions, have now more incentive to stay in the general area of your ship and will not get lost kilometres away when hunting for expensive ore chunks.
  • NPC ships are now aware of your craft at longer range, since they can also observe your thruster flashes on their visual feeds.
  • Expanded the ship detection range for your Mining Companion, since they have a constant radio uplink with your ship.
  • B8 Claim Beacons installed on a Pelican Prospector will not damage your ship anymore.
  • Racing HUD will not show the overheat glitch shader when it is not overheating.
  • The demo version now supports Steam Cloud saves.

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