0.577.7 – Manual Guidance

  • Expanded geologist filter options. When having the “unmarked” option turned on, the affected systems will be allowed to act upon matching ore, even when it’s not apprised yet. Disabling the “unmarked” option will enforce stricter checking, and ore that is not apprised yet will not be counted as a valid target. This changes the behaviour of drone systems and the AR1500 manipulator. If you want your systems to work on ore that is still being apprised, turn on the “unmarked” option for them.
  • Fixed a bug in the tutorial, which would sometimes skip ahead without player input if previous action took much longer than anticipated.
  • Tutorial step that requires you to target an ice asteroid or ore chunk will now spawn a relevant item nearby if there is none near.
  • The tooltip for control settings for the excavator will now explicitly mention that double-tap causes it to stay open.
  • Updated translations – Norwegian: 71%

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