0.579.2 – Compliant Minions

  • Control button hint in the Hardware menu is now bigger, and is displayed on both the Description and User Manual tabs.
  • Adjusted some dialogue trees so you cannot inquire details about information that was not yet revealed to you.
  • Grinders of an Mining Companion that is fully enclosed in your cargo bay will not prevent astrogation anymore.
  • Astrogation labels on the Astrogator tab for destinations, whose tracking expires while you are flying in the rings will now disappear.
  • Hiring wingmen will now make them more friendly towards you.
  • Hired wingmen that dig out ore for you will now send over both processed and raw ore when you return to the Enceladus Prime station.
  • Hired miners will not transfer the ore to you when they run out of propellant before you and return to the station on their own.
  • Added a missing key prompt for manually operated point defence turrets.
  • The camera on the Enceladus Prime station will now pan to the side when you open menus, so they won’t obscure information from the background.
  • Interlunar transit usage on the Dive Selection screen used to flash a higher value for a fraction of a second after you pressed the Launch Dive button.
  • Updated translations.

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