0.542.1 – Red Alert

  • Your Geologist panel settings are now saved in the ship configuration and will persist between games and dives.
  • Added collision warning visualization for the EIAA-1337 autopilot.
  • AI-controlled ships, including these using autonomous autopilots, will now detect more rocks in the direction of the movement.
  • AI is now much better at detecting and avoiding collisions with moving objects. This makes ring races much more difficult.
  • Services you use will now be recorded in your company logs.
  • You can now turn off the “ignore obscured targets” tuning setting for your Point Defence.
  • Fixed some bugs that could cause the game to crash when things exploded near AI-controlled ships.
  • Catching many ores with your AR1500 Salvage Manipulator will not degrade performance anymore.
  • You can now sell your ship using a gamepad or keyboard.
  • Updated translations.

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