0.547.2 – Temporal Resolution

  • The game now can run the display engine at a separate speed than your physics engine. If you are able to display more frames than your CPU can compute the movement will be interpolated to make it appear smooth. This allows you to achieve a higher framerate even if your CPU is not able to keep up with the physics simulation, but your GPU is capable enough to render the results.
  • DTSS can now simplify the simulation further if your framerate was about to drop. With the new physics interpolation feature, this should result in smoother performance.
  • Miners you encounter at the very rim of the rings are now much less curious and more likely to go about their business without pestering you constantly.
  • The personal disposition of the NPC you meet for the first time will now have some variation over the faction default. This makes encounters more varied.
  • AI can now get impatient.
  • A new tuning option for EIAA-1337 autopilot allows you to ignore low-velocity impacts. This allows the autopilot to push against lighter rocks at safe velocities and not dodge ores that haul drones throw at it.
  • Reworked the ringraces. You will now receive a race reward without leaving the rings, and the racing team is able to recognize failed starts.
  • HUD previews in the Equipment menu will now show the entire HUD preview in all screen resolutions.
  • Enceladus’s main menu will not cover up the in-game time indicator on a small monitor.
  • Kinetic damage of pulse lasers could vary when the framerate was changed during the game.
  • Improved performance of encounters with multiple drones.
  • Further improved burnfinding performance of the AI – both NPC ships and EIAA-1337 autopilot.
  • Improved performance of the background particle system.
  • Updated translations.

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