0.539.6 – Brace for Impact

  • Collision avoidance enhancements for AI. All AI – including NPC ships, NT Mining Companions and your ships equipped with EIAA-1337 autopilot – are now much better at resolving when they will collide with objects and what path to take to avoid it.
  • Added trolley problem resolution module to AI. Ships are now able to recognize lesser evil and take an unfavourable choice if it allows them to avoid a catastrophic one.
  • Ships are now capable of efficiently using their main thrust to help with manoeuvres if the situation calls for it.
  • Improved anticipation heuristics for burnfinder make ships rotate in anticipation of deceleration only after they complete their manoeuvring.
  • The big LIDAR display on your Pilot tab will now use the same data as your main LIDAR. Most noticeably, after an astrogation jump, it will immediately display the new surroundings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused tuning values for Point Defence equipment to be ignored during a dive.

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