0.524.3 – Safety Protocol

  • Relaxed safety protocols of NDPT-4205 point defence turrets. The firing solution computer was overzealous at times, limiting the fire cone far more than it should – in extreme cases completely preventing the fire on certain ships and mounts.
  • Adjusted position of spinally-mounted NDPT-4205 on all the ships with spinal mounts.
  • All the docking arms are now more rigid, preventing the cradled equipment wiggle in the fully locked position, which was especially noticeable in lower physics framerates.
  • Cargo Containers and similar equipment could spin out of alignment when the initial cutscene was terminating.
  • The game no-longer relies on your operating system to provide an order of multiple monitors, as some systems used to change their minds about which monitor was the primary one on subsequent boots, causing the game to switch to an undesired monitor. You might need to change the monitor you want to use in settings when you first start this version, but the choice should be persistent now – as long as you don’t re-position the monitors.
  • Fixed interlunar propellant usage for ships to use a correct value. If you tuned your Xenon drive usage, you might want to re-examine the tuning option before starting a dive.
  • Uranium Caves could disappear prematurely from your Astrogation list if you followed a specific order of actions.
  • Re-balanced dialogue frequencies of friendly encounters with miners. Some of the dialogue options were underutilized and quite rare. You should perceive that as a wider range of replies possible from miners if you are on friendly terms with them.
  • Miners will not hit you on how to obtain a hardware licence if it’s apparent that you already have that licence.
  • The dive entry selection screen will now take into account the amount of propellant and other consumables you will take aboard when displaying the propellant required for entry burn.
  • Improved performance of the ship setup, making ship spawns faster. This should prevent slight lags you could see when new ships entered the detailed simulation area.
  • When you fly to a Vilcy drop point, the ship awaiting you there will not fly away as soon as it finishes talking to you. Flying away caused the ship to re-spawn nearby and re-initialize the dialogue, as long as you remained in the area.
  • When you dock to a ship at a drop point for a prisoner transfer, you will be now able to continue the dialogue, making obtaining the bounty hunting licence smoother.
  • If you docked into an Obonto station after opening fire at them and apologizing, you could be able to confirm a trade deal that was not proposed, breaking the dialogue tree.
  • Crewmember that left your ship on a successful salvage operation will return aboard when you return to Enceladus automatically.
  • Significantly improved the performance of the Crew menu at Enceladus station and added better animations to showcase new crew being available and being hired. This also improves the performance of all the time skips.
  • Search and Rescue teams will not ask you if you have seen someone to rescue when there is a stranded ship just next to them.
  • Vilcy patrols will not ask if you have seen something suspicious or warn about rumoured piracy in the area if you are in the middle of combat with a pirate already.
  • When telling your crewmember to get out from your ship during a quest event, you will now see the proper EVA action happening.
  • Mod loader will now look for mods at the correct path on OSX system.
  • New achievement.
  • Updated translations.
  • Fixed a number of typos.

Bonus Content

  • Tales from the Rings – a collection of short stories – added to the namesake free DLC.

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