0.530.3 – Enceladus Tour

  • New Services menu in the Enceladus Prime. You can opt to stay at hotels and resorts, or take your crew to a bar. This supersedes previously available time skip buttons and gives extra gameplay effects, depending on your choice.
  • Improved drone tuning visualizer. The previous visualizer caused some of the players to feel slight nausea due to the moving patterns, I worked with them to change it in a way that presents the same information but does not cause issues.
  • Improved performance of ship initialization. You should feel even fewer lag spikes when ships spawn around you.
  • Vastly improved performance of the Dealer menu at Enceladus Prime station.
  • The smart camera will not re-centre itself if you are holding down one of the mouse buttons.
  • The smart camera will not zoom in or out if you are holding the right mouse button to prevent accidental ship turns.
  • Increased the minimum size of the ship preview window in the Dealer to ensure that all ship information is always visible.
  • Improved the monitor placement detection code. Previous code could be confused with some exotic monitor layouts.
  • You can cure cancer during a crew quest now.
  • When flying KR37 with the MA337 autopilot installed, the lidar overlay ring would break and flicker inside caves, when surrounded by a rock structure.
  • The Big Bad Wolf will try to not shoot you accidentally anymore.
  • When using AT-K225 HUD with a damaged onboard computer and full or nearly full cargo container, the processed cargo readout could exceed the stated capacity of the container, causing flickering and sounding ship-wide alarms. You can still get inaccurate readings with a broken-down computer, but they will not trigger alarms anymore.
  • Activating the “unmarked” filter in the Geologist tab will now cause your systems to ignore the minimum price for the unmarked ore since by definition it can’t have any price estimation assigned.

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