0.523.2 – Bullet Heaven

  • New Nakamura Dynamics NDPT-4205 Point Defence Turret can now be unlocked and purchased.
  • Additional interactions with Obonto Habitats and independent miners.
  • Hardware and Tuning menu simulations for point defence turrets will now present the simulated ship with a constant hail of targets.
  • Improved Dynamic Temporal Simulation Simplification performance on low-end hardware, making the game much smoother when the system adjusts the physics framerate to your hardware capabilities.
  • Some combat patrols could last for hours if you had really bad luck and did not encounter any targets. Your wingmen will now terminate the patrol in that case.
  • Choosing a borderless window mode on the Windows platform will now actually use the borderless window, and not silently fall into an exclusive full-screen mode. This will degrade performance a bit in that mode but help with most screen-capturing issues. You can switch to exclusive fullscreen in the Settings menu to restore the high-performance behaviour.
  • Some point defence turrets, including these mounted on habitats, now have safety protocols and will try to avoid hitting friendly targets. These systems are not foolproof.
  • Updated translations.

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