0.520.5 – Pre-emption Rights

  • Sick and injured mechanics will not fix your ships.
  • Miners passing you on the very rim of the rings will now be less likely to mine around you and will try to find their own mining spot.
  • Miners will now recognize deployed claim beacons and should not challenge you when there is a claim in plain sight.
  • Incoming communication displayed on the Eagle Prospector HUD installed on AT-K225 will now be displayed correctly.
  • Flying with fly-by-wire capable autopilot, but with the onboard computer turned off or the FBW capability disabled, will now count towards the “Driving Stick” achievement.
  • Attached steering wheels and similar devices will not scroll the game menus when you pick keyboard+mouse as a control scheme.
  • You could enter the OMS menu while the astrogation cutscene was in progress, which resulted in a slowly-fading black screen covering your menus.
  • When you started a habitat trade while a notification was displayed on the screen, you would get multiple trade notifications in a row.
  • Grinder of the Eagle Prospector will now sound right when you have it open in the OMS menu and during adrenaline surges.
  • Adjusted physical shape of the AT-K225 collider, making its docking bays larger and less likely to be damaged by containers moving inside them during rapid manoeuvres.

Bonus Content

Tales From The Rings free DLC expanded with:

  • AT-K225 3d model.
  • AT-K225 skin template.

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