0.520.2 – Total Recall

  • A new drone control visualizer in the Tuning menu will show you exactly how the drones will direct the ore, as well as visually represent the minimum and maximum range settings.
  • New haul drone system tuning option – deceleration zone.
  • Improved algorithm for MLF Haul Drones for ore directly behind your ship.
  • While Elon Interstellar Excavator would not jerk open unexpectedly, it could still be stuck open if you pushed its jaw outside of the actuator range.
  • Improved performance of the Hardware menu simulations and hardware listings.
  • When you re-visited previously discovered Uranium Caves or a Space Bar, you could get again the Moonlet discovery, only to be superseded with a more detailed one when you entered the interior.
  • Mystery music would play around a Space Bar you already discovered and visited again.
  • Fixed SPC Gungnir projectile velocity listed in the Hardware menu.
  • The Geologist panel would shift a bit when you adjusted the minimum price for your drone systems.
  • Separate printing audio for the Voyager RSLS.
  • Events you discover will now immediately be placed on your Astrogation map.
  • Thruster flares on the visual feed could disappear if your mission took many in-game days.
  • Eagle prospector HUD would flicker when you power it on if you installed it on a ship with a lot of equipment installed, like AT-K225.
  • Voyager will now print drones 400% faster.
  • Updated translations.

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