0.518.17 – Element of Surprise

Antonoff-Titan AT-K225 hits the market

Made in collaboration with Titan Heavy Industries and Antonoff, AT-K225 general cargo carrier features a modular design capable of adopting a wide range of cargo requirements. The processed cargo storage relies on dedicated THI docking bays to host up to 6 compatible autonomous containers to increase ships’ cargo capacity. A stock variant comes with a standard THI Cargo Containers pre-installed.

New sensor data protocol

Improvements in compression and predictive error-correction algorithms lead to development of an improved sensor data protocol, boasting over an 80% increase in bandwidth accompanied by vastly improved error resistance. On-board computers featuring new protocols are expected to hit the commercial market this year.

Elon Intersteallar Recall

Elon Interstellar issued a limited recall on its Model E excavation ship. The newly discovered flaw in the signature excavator/cargo bay combo caused actuators to misfire under high stress and rapidly open the cargo bay, leading to both dangerous shifts in the ship’s centre of mass and direct damage to the craft. Both the actuators and any damaged cargo bay doors will be replaced free of charge.

Maintenance Logs

  • Antonoff-Titan AT-K225 is now available for purchase.
  • The new AT-K225 Head-Up Display can now be retrofitted to ships.
  • Obonto habitats will now dock ships further away, making docking easier and allowing them to dock bigger ships.
  • Adjusted performance settings for asteroids spawning, which could stop all ice generation if enough ships and drones were on screen.
  • New proximity buffer tuning setting for MLF Haul drones control how close to your ship drones can keep ore.
  • Music changes were subject to performance throttling, making music changes inconsistent across machines.
  • Improved performance of graphical displays on all Head-Up Displays.
  • Improved performance of physics/collision computations.
  • Improved performance of charts in Tuning and Hardware menus and on Head-Up Displays that use them.
  • Greatly improved performance of thruster physics simulations, which is most noticeable when multiple ships or a drone swarm approaches your position.
  • Fixed a physics model bug that caused the Elon Interstellar Model E excavator to jerk open on some occasions, which could damage your ship.
  • Added missing mipmaps on EIME excavator sprites, which makes them look better at distance.
  • Having multiple mining companions mounted on your ship will not cause the camera at Enceladus Prime to zoom out further out.
  • Excavator opened with a double-tap action will now stay open when you enter the OMS menu.
  • Changed how AI and your pilots perceive the shape of the Phage Class stations, which used to freak out pilots and AI when they got near them.
  • Haul drones will now release any target that entered a cargo hold immediately.
  • Pirates that really hate you, but ask for a truce themselves due to circumstances won’t open fire on you once you close the comms window.
  • You could fix some of your hardware in-flight when you adjusted jury-rig settings and caused damage again.
  • Hitting something massive with an Elon Interstellar Model E excavator will not bounce you aside so much anymore.
  • Shader animations running on GPU (like the ringstorm discharge or HUD elements on Eagle Prospector) will now respect pause mode and time dilation.
  • Racing autopilot course predictions on big ships like Cothon-212 or AT-K225 were not accurate.
  • Cradled equipment like mining companions and cargo containers could collide with your ship hull when spawning, which misaligned them when you examined the ship or started a dive.
  • When you pick a new astrogation destination while the trajectory countdown is in progress, the counter will reset now.
  • Crew after performing EVA could get stuck visually to the ship they flew from.
  • New achievements.
  • Updated translations.

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