0.484.18 – Folding Space

  • When you open your OMS screen after receiving a new message, the comms window won’t scroll from the very beginning.
  • Income and expenses during ringdive now have separate positions in the ship logs.
  • Improved B8 Claim Beacon’s autopilots so they make better use of their thrusters and reaction wheels.
  • Adjusted Eagle Prospector’s cargo baffle spring stiffness to make it easier to ingest low-density ore.
  • In rare circumstances, objects that were not supposed to could follow you through an astrogation jump.
  • Gamepad controls of the autopilot did not work if you explicitly selected the gamepad as an input, but they worked fine with auto-selection.
  • Some of the buttons were skipped when you navigated the settings menu with a gamepad or keyboard.
  • When switching the control scheme from keyboard + mouse to gamepad while your control settings are open, the focus will adjust to a correct widget.

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