0.484.13 – Entangled Telecomunication

  • The comms window will now always scroll all the way down when you receive a message, so you won’t miss any reply options.
  • You can now scroll your comms window with analogue gamepad controls.
  • When you collect an ore chunk you were targetting with your autopilot, your ship will continue on the same trajectory it was following before interception, conserving propellant.
  • Gamepad controls for EI1337 autonomic autopilot now work the same way as for other autopilots.
  • When you complete a crew quest that involves finding a family member and your crewmember survives the encounter, he won’t be asking ships if they have seen them anymore.
  • Fixed a race condition that could sometimes cause the game to hang up when switching from Enceladus to Rings and back, preventing you from either leaving the station or returning to it.
  • Dismissing your crewmember could cause your game to crash.
  • Added “bonus content” button when bonus content is available.
  • Fixed a number of typos.

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