0.486.25 – Displayed Aspect

  • Fixed some lighting glitches on Enceladus station, with some of the spotlights being pointed in a wrong direction. 
  • Added population to the docking ring.
  • When your ship is damaged, you’ll now see the repair crew fixing it on the Enceladus station.
  • Mystery music will fade away to normal background sound once you discover the mystery in question. This changes the music – and the blue visual cue – around frequently-visited discoveries, such as habitats and moonlets.
  • Mystery music will now trigger in more weird encounters, making them easier to spot.
  • Visual glitches from overheated computers are now less pronounced when your computer is barely damaged.
  • Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage devices will now switch from charging to discharge much quicker and will be able to power a highly-demanding hardware even if you don’t have a large ultracapacitor array to back up the peak usage.
  • When perceived flow of time changes the sound effect will have lowered pitch now.
  • Improved gamepad and keyboard controls in Enceladus station. You won’t be able to accidentally close your menu by pressing left direction on your keyboard or d-pad.
  • When you exited the Crew menu using gamepad or keyboard, focus was lost on the main Enceladus menu.
  • Improved performance of LIDAR rendering.
  • Some of the pirates you could encounter, defeat and salvage had ships with turbines and ultracapacitors that were not available in the hardware menu, making it impossible to sell them.
  • Improved fullscreen, window and borderless window handling on Linux systems. The window should now respect all window manager configurations and toolbars.
  • Improved performance of window scaling when in windowed mode.
  • Fixed an aspect ratio scaling bug that caused the game to overflow the screen on thin vertical monitors. Game now supports a full range of monitors from 4:1 to 1:4 aspect ratios.
  • When you lose a crewmember during ringdive, the appropriate OMS screen reflection will be updated accordingly.

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