0.484.8 – Continuous Variety

  • Improved gamepad controls. You now have better autopilot aiming, a brand new gamepad controls screen in settings, autopilot aiming assist and both relative and absolute control schemes.
  • Equipment won’t be targeted by your gamepad targeting beam anymore.
  • You can now pan the screen with your right analogue stick on your gamepad.
  • Sliders in the tuning menu can now be controlled with analogue sticks on your gamepad.
  • Updated the tutorial with new gamepad controls.
  • Habitats are less likely to turn their point-defence weapons on you for minor infractions.
  • Ships that use microwave emitters are quicker to disengage now.
  • Processed cargo on the dive summary screen is now attributed to your ship.
  • “Space Western” mood and soundtrack are now more common.
  • Power and reactive mass consumption, as well as thermal damage of thrusters and torches with a significant wind-up time, will scale during the ignition appropriately.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in some of the achievements to unlock prematurely.
  • Anomalies and events won’t appear on the very rim of the rings, in regions where your autopilot could take over and take you back to the station.
  • Obonto habitats always greeted you with trading dialogue when you docked, even if you did not agree to trade.
  • Relative crew skill levels on the “Hire Crew” tab will update when you put people on and off active duty.
  • Updated the translations.

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