0.444.6 – Pathfinder

  • Improved AI pathfinding performance by 80%, sacrificing 20% of its rock-evasion capabilities. This should result in much better performance when non-player controlled ships are present while having a negligible change in behaviour.
  • Adjusted storytelling options for the “missing child” quest to not finish too abruptly.
  • Talking with Vilcy patrols once you get the location of the drop point will not make the ship you are about to meet wait for you 30 days longer each time you interact.
  • You can’t buy more than one round of drinks at The Space Bar if you undock and re-dock immediately, raising the crew morale indefinitely.
  • The bartender at The Space Bar won’t order its docking arms to throw you out if she is taking your order.
  • You won’t be able to tell habitats multiple times about the same event.
  • Ships that run out of propellant during calculating astrogation sequence will abort the jump.
  • Adjusted power draw warning for Eagle Prospector heads-up display in the numerical section to 150MW for warning and 500MW for critical level.
  • Processed cargo in Titan Heavy Industries Cargo Container will now count towards the Blue Gold achievement.
  • Enceladus station background won’t turn black if you set the background FPS to 0 and change your HUD scale while docked at the station.
  • Non-player controlled ships caught by docking arms of stations and habitats won’t forget the player anymore.
  • Adjusted cargo bay shapes on Elon Interstellar Model E, so ore hitting the edge between open jaws and ship hull from behind are not counted towards cargo temporarily, thus losing autopilot targeting and geologist marks.
  • You will now trigger automatic return protocol when you get into the Encke Gap, over 3005km, just as you get the achievement. Any POI you could have in your save deeper in will be moved to maintain savegame compatibility.
  • Clicking on the menu buttons when you have the Dive Target Selection screen open will now close it.
  • Keyboard focus will move correctly to the last menu item you had selected on Enceladus when you close the Dive Target Selection screen.

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