0.444.1 – Access Denied

  • When you launch the game for the very first time, you won’t be able to skip past photosensitive epilepsy warnings.
  • Reworked XASER burn event visuals, removing rapidly flashing lights in favour of gentler ones to reduce risks of photosensitive epilepsy.
  • Changed the visual cue of changing music for hearing-impaired players to be more subtle and clearer. It will now display correctly with portrait monitor orientation.
  • If your ship is too heavy to decelerate before handing you the controls in the initial cutscene, the entry sequence will skip the final flip to allow it to use its main torch on the entire approach.
  • If your ship has a big enough cargo hold to fit an entire THI Cargo Container or an NT Mining Companion, these drones will count as cargo and your salvage manipulator won’t try to reach for them.
  • Renamed “unclassified” mineral filter to “unmarked” on the Geologist tab to make it clear that it means the ore nuggets that don’t have apprisal marks placed on them yet.
  • Adjusted physical model of Conlido Cothon-212. Its cargo hold is now a bit narrower, with reinforced walls. This prevents both cargoes from piercing your cargo hold and a visual glitch that enabled you to see ore poking through the left side of the ship. As a consequence, the size of its cargo hold is a bit smaller.
  • When adjusting Onboard Maintenance System with a keyboard or a gamepad, your cursor was not clearly visible.
  • Audio subsystem could hit a division by zero, which flooded the logs with warnings and decreased performance.
  • Hardware simulations of SPC Gungnir left charged asteroids floating around when you switched between simulations, electrocuting your simulated ship at the very start of a new simulation.
  • Adjusted physics setting to make small collisions more accurate.
  • Updated translations.
  • Fixed typos.

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