0.445.1 – Enceladus Waxing

  • When a crewmember tells you that they quit once you get back to the station they actually quit once you get back to the station, not immediately.
  • Times displayed in the astrogation panel menu and the details on the map will match now for all locations.
  • The storyteller module is now aware of the prices and dangers of salvage operations and will use that knowledge to give you a more balanced and compelling narrative.
  • Friendly ships will now approach you before initiating dialogue.
  • Only valid cargo will be displayed on the Dive Summary screen. This prevents mining companions from showing up (and booting up and flying around stealing your ore) if you manage to fit them into your cargo hold.
  • When you install multiple point defense turrets, you can now configure them separately in the Tuning menu.
  • Points of Interest and Drop Points won’t be generated outside of the game map anymore. If you had any astrogation targets that were generated this way, they will be automatically adjusted.
  • Adjusted internal space of Conlido Cothon-212 to better match what is visible outside. This should fix ores poking out the sides of the cargo hold.
  • Found and fixed a number of bugs that could cause a crash when you astrogated back to Enceladus station with unusual things in your cargo hold or salvage manipulator.
  • Fixed a number of typos and rephrased some texts in the game to make them clearer.

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