0.441.5 – Rapid Expansion

  • Performance improvements in the graphics rendering pipeline drastically speed up the game on some systems.
  • Improved performance of ship system simulation.
  • Optimized memory requirements of The Dealer menu.
  • Improved performance of particle effects of leaking reactor.
  • Adjusted mounting point for AEMD14 articulated mass driver so it won’t accidentally damage your ship while tracking targets.
  • Adjusted location of cradles for THI Cargo Containers on Eagle Prospector.
  • Changed shape of Voyager RSLS fabrication plant on Eagle Prospector to make it not choke so easily.
  • When loading a save made directly after returning to Enceladus, the value of ores changed slightly upon each load.
  • Docking arms and equipment cradles used a different equation to compute their location during a cutscene and during normal gameplay, which caused docked ships and cradled equipment to jerk when transitioning to interactive gameplay.
  • When you catch a lifepod with a ship-mounted cradle, your gimbaled thrusters will now avoid hitting it with their exhaust.
  • Weapons and equipment mounted on Elon Interstellar Model E will not render above docking clamps.
  • A damaged space station that lacks propulsion won’t relocate to another location anymore.
  • Changing the focus of the tuning sliders without adjusting the value was causing the tuning option to reset to the value set upon opening the menu, without being visible in any way.
  • Nakamura-Titan Mining Companion cradles have now more torque. This increases their power requirement when operating, but allow them to position the Companion correctly even after collisions or rapid manoeuvres.
  • Prevent slight lag when a ship explodes for the first time.
  • Fixed a number of typos.

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