0.422.3 – Depths of Uranus

The Synchrotron Controversy

Omaewamou-Shinderu’s most recent entry in the realm of weapons manufacture has earned imports from Uranus and especially its moon Miranda embargoes or bans in most systems on the grounds of safety and environmental concerns. Named after the spear that Odin would carry into battle during Ragnarok, this repurposed small proton collider has been stripped of most safety and measurement equipment. The charge it carries is enormous and takes time to dissipate in the rings, creating a very hazardous environment to mine in. Enceladus Prime has not yet made any regulatory rulings on this device.

New photosensors for reconnaissance drones

In a collaboration between Runasimi and Obonto Micro Engineering, new standards have been agreed upon regarding recon drone photosensors. Anticipating a drop in costs associated with standardized supply, the new photosensors promise better image clarity, with a higher dynamic range and onboard postprocessing.

Superconductor Improvements

Exiting a phase of testing and feedback, safety regulations surrounding this relatively new technology have been lifted. With an established track record of safety, SMES systems are now approved to operate much closer to their theoretical full potential, making them much more useful and reliable in providing a large power reserve for periods of peak usage.

Maintenance Records

  • New SPC Gungnir Proton Cannon.
  • Game engine upgraded to Godot 3.4, featuring: better stability, performance and native support for M1 processors.
  • Improved quality of post-processing light effects.
  • Improved collision detection accuracy between ship hulls and small objects.
  • Enhanced the game background.
  • New DTSS feature to smooth out the gameplay can dynamically adapt your framerate to the CPU power available.
  • Superconductive Magnetic Energy Storage systems will now be more reliable.
  • Point defence systems can now target drones and unusual hostile ships.
  • Racing was not offering another race if you won a couple of times.
  • NPC ships were confused by the complex shapes of Ganymedian Anarchy station and The Space Bar and sometimes tried to fly right through them.
  • Chanced the way AI handles emotions to behave more like a human would.
  • Added tooltips to the controls menu icons.
  • The pause menu will not be affected by your camera exposure.
  • Adjusted colour balance.
  • Crew leave time is now listed in red.
  • If you send your crew over to an EI1337 equipped derelict for salvage and it fails, the derelict will not attempt to fly by itself with it’s autopilot.
  • Some derelicts were listed as older than their initial production date.
  • Position lights on AR1500 Manipulator won’t turn themselves on after you adjust light settings.
  • Pirates won’t open fire on you shortly after asking for a truce.
  • Added mouse zoom and camera sensitivity sliders in the Controls menu.
  • Vilcy patrols will now leave you alone when you do no business with them.
  • Big Bad Wolf won’t follow your ship even when you have good standing with the bounty hunters.
  • Rebooting your computer will now clear guiding drone, geologist and astrogator displays.
  • AR1500 Manipulator will not throw light objects away.
  • Marking many items for your guiding drone will not glitch out the drone path overlay.
  • Updated translations.

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