0.424.2 – Rearmed

  • Fusion reactor rebalance – the fusion powerplants of ships will not shut down when your ship is damaged by electromagnetic pulses or microwaves.
  • New achievements.
  • Added photosensitivity warning screen.
  • Fixed scale of electromagnetic sparks on Elon Interstellar Model E.
  • Display of the EIME HUD is now darker, making it easier to see the background.
  • Auxiliary Power Systems are now counted towards power warning in the Upgrade menu.
  • Foreground rocks were missing in point defence upgrade simulation.
  • Setting background FPS to 0 will not block preview and promotional videos in the Dealer menu.
  • The AR1500 Manipulator will not throw away light objects you approach slowly.
  • Multiple adjustments to manipulator and docking arm code, making them behave more like real machines.

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