0.416.9 – Phantom Pain

  • Astrogating just next to a habitat could cause a remote selling connection to be established.
  • Adjusted Search and Rescue AI not to eject rescued ships when distracted by player interaction.
  • Hiring a replacement crew when your crew is on sick leave will not cause overpopulating your ship when they come back.
  • Next salary and leave time for your crew will now display dates without exact hours.
  • Your ship can’t be damaged when you don’t have control over it due to a cutscene playing.
  • Improved performance when asteroids break outside of your field of view.
  • You will now get “Diving Licence” achievement even if you completed the tutorial in the free demo.
  • AI will not be confused by ore flying directly towards it.
  • Hacking enemy ships will now have more random outcomes.
  • Fixed race condition that could make the game crash when ships were exiting detailed simulation range.
  • Updated translations.

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